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NIKKA, an upcoming pop punk original music artist

About me

Hi, I’m NIKKA, a Kansas-City-based, Tampa-raised, Eastern European refugee who moved to the States in the early 2000’s. I was always singing as a kid and credit it as one of the main ways I picked up English quickly. (Although, I had a few mishaps, like singing Ludacris’s “Move B***h” as a 5-year-old when I wanted people out of my way at the pool.) 


Though I've loved singing my whole life, I didn't start seriously writing songs until the pandemic hit and I spent most of my days inside humming the same melodies to myself. Being a storyteller at heart, I started the explore the idea of creating songs to process my feelings about situations that I didn't say the right thing in the moment it mattered. Music has become my way of filling in the gaps of life experiences and moving forward.

I grew up listening to all genres, but Mariah Carey, Shakira, Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day were some favorite inspirations that can be found in my music. I hope you take a moment to connect with my songs and share them if they've had an impact on you.  

"Kansas City-based singer and songwriter NIKKA steps into the music scene with the release of her debut single Would You Like To Dance, a blissful pop song"

Caeser Live N Loud

NIKKA, an upcoming pop punk original music artist

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